Friday, June 30, 2023

Smętowo, Czarlin, Skowarcz, Cieplewo, Gdansk

More photos from Linia kolejowa nr 131
Today I'm visiting Smętowo station

E6ACTa - 006


Some regional trains are terminating here

5 170 064 - DB

5 370 047

EU07-139 and EU07-134, Kolprem Sp. zoo

181 144

111Ed-018, LTG Cargo Polska Sp. z o. o. from Lithuania

EU07-009 at Kulice Tczewskie

E 186 248, PCC Intermodal S.A. at Pelplin

EN76 Pesa Elf at Subkowy Centrum

E6ACTa-016 at Czarlin

207E 005, Rail Polska sp.zoo
207E Edgar - a standard gauge heavy freight electric locomotive, which is a deep modernization of the Soviet M62 diesel locomotive (PKP code: ST44).
The first plans to build type 207E locomotives were made in 2015 when the management board of Rail Polska decided to design and produce at least twenty electric locomotives for its own transport needs in order to replace the rented Škoda 59E and 183 series locomotives, but also for its own needs for offering for rent to other freight carriers. The basic assumption of the project was to develop an electric locomotive with a power of 2,800 kW intended for freight traffic using the M62 locomotive frame.
It was not the first time that the M62 was converted into an electric locomotive. Already at the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, the Korean State Railways carried out a similar modernization of several of its locomotives of this type. (Wikipedia)

131 009-010

Full cargo

Skowarcz station

E6ACTd-104, Freightliner PL Sp. z o. o.

A very long Intercity train
Regional trains

388 064, PCC Intermodal S.A. is a brand new Traxx MS3
Country package: PL, D, A, CZ, SK, H


182 143

Now it's raining a lot

5 170 119


6186 261, HSL Polska Sp. z o.o.

181 031


Sun is coming out in the evening