Saturday, April 25, 2020

Nordmaling, Hörnefors, Husum

 Today I'm taking a day trip to the north. I'm taking an early direct train from Stockholm to Örnsköldsvik, and later during the day I will travel directly from Umeå back to Stockholm.
 X55 is arriving at Örnsköldsvik C.

 Besides the shortstop at Örnsköldvik and Umeå I will today visit Nordmaling, Hörnefors and Husum stations,
 No boarding with symptoms
 Still some snow here in the north

 A glimpse of the sea
 Same art as when I was visiting this station last time

 X62 trains are operating the line between Sundsvall and Umeå
 X62 006

 The station is located over the river
 Local cat

 X62 002

 There is a railway (the track to the right ahead) leading to Metsä Board Husum paper industry. CFL Cargo is operating the trains running to this facility, unfortunately, no train during my visit here today.


 "Inge blånagla olkädd idag" is an old expression from the Husum factory.

 X62 003 at Umeå Östra
 X55 back to Stockholm