Friday, June 24, 2016

Searching for "Granen Fredrik"

Today I'm travelling to western part of Sweden searching for a little tree planted along the railway. There is a touching story about this tree, I will tell more details later in this post.
 First I'm visiting some stops along Kinnekullebanan railway. This railway is non-electrified and in some parts in poor condition, but the trains are still operating here, even though I did not had a chance to see one on this midsummer day.
 Äskekärr station

 Old coach reminding of the old fashioned way of travelling
 "Watch out for the train" is this note




 I have now arrived to Vänerbanan
 X52 train for service Göteborg-Karlstad is passing by

 After quite long searching I have finally found what I've been looking for
 The little spruce tree is planted here since 1870's. This tree is the 3rd one after the first one was planted. The story is that during the building of the raiway, one of workers named Fredrik planted a tree. The tree is meant to bring luck to the train drivers and no one should miss to signal when passing by here.

 There is a small box with paper and pen inside for visitors leaving their messages.

 On my way back I'm stopping at another rare view these days.
 During my trips between Stockholm and Göteborg, I've always noted this station when passing by. Now I got a chance to stop here. Built in 1858 it is now the only one of its kind left and probably not for long time.

 X40 train passing by

 X2 train passing by

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Summer is here, and it is time to re-visit some places in the middle of Sweden, in Närke.
 First, I'm visiting the junction nearby Laxå between Värmlandsbanan and Västra Stambanan railways. Here is X52 train from VTAB (Värmlands Trafik AB) from Karlstad to Örebro.
 The trees around the railway have been recently removed in order to improve the safety for the railway.

 Värmlandsbanan towards Karlstad.
 Värmlandsbanan towards VSB, to the left for Stockholm, to the right for Göteborg.
 VSB and X40 train
 X74 train from MTR Express
 Laxå station
 Hallsberg station
 X40 train at Örebro-Hallsberg railway

 Nearby village Sannahed (which had its own station before).
 Today it is famous for its Regiment, which had infantry between 1812 and 1893.

 X51 train from Tåg i Bergslagen at Sannahed.

 Monument in Sannahed.
 Nice bus stop.
 Last stop for todays journey is the beautiful old station Nässundet along the south part of Inlandsbanan.
 Today it is a cafe and restaurant with its own bakery. The station is located along road 26 which makes it a comfortable stop for car drivers.
 There are not many trains passing here, but I had a luck to see one passing by.
 Tågab train from Kristinehamn to Borlänge was passing by.

 Nässundet station has its own pier
 Nearby station Sjöändan
Final photo is from Kristinehamn railyard.