Friday, November 28, 2014

MTR Express

The new MTR Express train from Stadler is here. Starting from Mars 2015 the service will operate Stockholm - Göteborg as a new competitor to SJ.
 The new train is named X74.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Gävle - Falun - Arlanda

A grey and boring November day at Stockholm Central, I start my new trip to Falun.
 2 X2 SJ trains are ready to go south. For the north directions, SJ is using X55 as high speed train.
 In Gävle, X55 (to the left) is continuing further north to Sundsvall, while X51 (to the right) will take me further to Falun.
 Gävle is preparing for Christmas celebration with its famous Julbock (Yule Goat).
 Many trains are passing through Gävle, an SJ Intercity (to the right) to Östersund, and a local train (to the left) to Ljusdal.
 This is an X52 (with 3 coaches) from local commuter company X-tåget.
 Snow is slowly entering the country from the north.
 Passing by Storvik...
 ...and Hofors

 Train driver course advertisement.
 Arriving to Falun.
 Tågkompaniet train is continuing further to Mjölby.
 An SJ Intercity train will leave to Stockholm.
 An X55 is parked at the station. Later I will take this train back to Stockholm.
 Falun station is currently being rebuilt and modernised.
 Non-electrified FRMJ railway to Grycksbo is used only for museum and cargo trains.

 Falun is preparing for Ski world championship in February 2015.

 Sign pointing towards famous world heritage Falu gruva (Mine).

 The logotype for Dalatrafik.

 This sign is dedicated to the memory of the first finished railway in Sweden 125 year ago.

 Passing by Borlänge, with IKEA mall close to the station.

 Alvesta Krylbo
 Arriving at Arlanda Airport station.
 Passengers travelling to and from the north destinations can reach the main airport of Sweden without passing through Stockholm.
 Arlanda railway station together with Arlandabanan was opened 1999 and it is the only railway in Sweden not operated by Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), but by a company A-Train AB.
 Basically a privately owned firm financed this project and got an exclusive right to operate an express train service to Arlanda until 2040. This is done under the brand name Arlanda Express.
 All other trains may stop at Arlanda but have to pay an extra commission to A-Train AB, which is usually included in the train ticket or can be paid at the station.
 Arlanda Express have 2 separated stations, Arlanda North and Arlanda South. The 3rd station Arlanda Central is used for all other train companies, SJ, SL etc.
 Arlanda stations are placed in tunnels, about 20-25 meters below the surface. The tunnel is 5 km long and is located under the airport.
 From 2012, the SL commuter train service Pendeltåg is operating Arlanda, with a service from Älvsjö to Uppsala. Travel time from Arlanda to Stockholm is 38 min.
 Passengers travelling with SL monthly or single tickets, have to buy an additional ticket for travelling to Arlanda and Uppsala (75 SEK). Here are the ticket control staff waiting for the next train.
 The price of travelling to Stockholm with Arlanda Express is 260 SEK with occasional seasonal discounts on weekends. Travel time is 20 min.
 SJ Regional train X40 is operating Arlanda station, with service Gävle - Linköping.

 Due to the difference in temperature and humidity outside and in the tunnel, the train windows has an interesting effect while travelling in the tunnel.
 Arlanda Central station is located between terminals 4 and 5.
 Reaching the airport is fast and easy.
 Sky City is the shopping mall located between the terminals, and also the entrance to the train station.
The domestic terminal 4 to the left.
 The international terminal 5 to the right.

 Ticket control is just on the way to Sky City.
 Arlanda Central has long platforms for the Stockholm - Kiruna night train.
 The station could probably shelter many people in case of emergency situation above the ground.
Finally, a warning message to passengers travelling with bags.