Monday, July 31, 2023

Bern, Vila-Seca, Torredembarra, Sant Celoni

Time to leave Switzerland and head to Spain
It's not photoshop
From Bern to Barcelona it is possible to get in one day by train, but I will be taking a plane this time. Why? Because it's cheaper and less complicated - which is very sad, it should be the other way around.
The symbol of Bern is a bear - can be viewed here in the summer

Last minute walk around Bern

Train trip to Zurich Flughafen is included in the plane ticket

It's cold and rainy in Zurich, but warm and sunny in Barcelona

Incredible clouds over Europe today

Landing in Barcelona
Here they are, freight trains in Can Tunis that I will spot tomorrow
There are now 4 train operators in Spain 
Visiting Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

My cat friends from Catalonia

Vila Seca is the station on the route Barcelona-Tarragona-Reus
Last time I was here in the winter, I did not see any freight train, but it must have been due to the weekend, today I'm here on a Monday - so I'm expecting to not get disappointed
The first train, even if it's only a locomotive
335 011 is a Euro400 from Transfesa
Transfesa was founden in 1943. Today it is a subsidiary of DB Iberica
And now a locomotive I've never seen before, surprise surprise
It is common in Europe that locomotives are based on another type from European manufacturers, but this one is based on a Japanese locomotive - JNR Class EF66 
Renfe Class 251 is from 1982 and is manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, CAF, MACOSA

Planes from nearby airport of Reus

At Torredembarra - more spotting
Class 253, Traxx DC

Class 256 is a new type for locomotives in Spain
Class 256 is a Stadler Euro 6000
Captrain is using 13 units in Spain, 5 have standard gauges for operations between Spain and France

Time to visit the beach, which happens to be right next to the station

I hope I haven't missed anything while being at the beach
253 095

Passenger trains at Torredembarra
Another Class 251

Class 251 has a power output of 4650 kW, which is compared with the modern Euro 6000 which has 6000 kW, but the weight is 138 t for 251 and 120 t for Euro 6000

Impressive beast

Class 252 with Talgo train

251 019

Cat is crossing the railway

On the other side of Barcelona, at Sant Celoni station

Freight train heading to France
253 022