Thursday, March 30, 2023


This a very short post about a trip to Bydgoszcz in Poland
Flight from Stockholm to Gdansk with a transfer at Copenhagen
It's clear and cold
Halmstad seen from the air
Some clouds over Öresund

Landing at Kastrup airport

Deicing on the next flight

Shortly after departing from Copenhagen, I'm already about to land in Gdansk
Bydgoszcz is my destination on this trip
All photos on this trip are shot with my iPhone instead of my usual Nikon camera

At the main station, I can spot some trains, here is Newag Griffin locomotive

The locomotive is similar to Stadler Eurodual, as it is also capable of operations on both electrified and non-electrified lines

Photo exhibition of the war in Ukraine

Trams in Bydgoszcz

EP07 locomotive

Bydgoszcz is the home town for the rolling stock manufacturer Pesa

The old name of Bydgoszcz is Bromberg (as it was once part of Germany and even Sweden)

Flying back
Copenhagen again

Flying above Stockholm
My house is somewhere there


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Malmö, København

Weekend trip to Malmö and Copenhagen
Stockholm Central
A book to read
Malmö in Mars can be rainy and grey
Morning TX Logistik train from Denmark is arriving in Malmö
185 407
The locomotive is owned by BRLL - Beacon Rail Leasing GmbH

Wagons from Italy

More trains in Östervärn

EG 3101

In Lund, I can spot Hector Rail 42701
241 012 "Chewbacca"

Ferriere Cattaneo
Lund district court

Next up is BLS Rail - Not to mix up with Swiss BLS. Swedish BLS stands for Thomas Blidér, Jørn Lindberget, and Magnus Sandgren, the founders of the company in 2009
This train is coming from Båramo, which is an intermodal terminal near Jönköping
Rc3 1067 is hauling the train from Värnamo to Malmö, then it will continue its journey to Germany with DB Cargo 

Passengers are running to catch the train

A new Vectron 
Later at Svågertorp
241 005, "Solo"

241 012 is ready to cross the bridge

Green Cargo to Trelleborg

DB 36639 to Germany

A little bit of everything on this train

I've got some competition here

DB 36644 from Germany

From the Netherlands

More from Hector

And now time for a swim in the sea

Ribbergsbordbadet is a cold bath with a sauna, it's open all year 

Later in the evening, I'm in Copenhagen

Skånetrafiken is advertising in Denmark
Ørestad station

Not many freight trains on a Sunday, but here is one at least - 36627
EG locomotive

Roskilde station

IR4 and ET trains side by side
Just turning away for a second, and the train is coming
DSB ME is still alive
Now owned by Nordic Re-Finance 

"New" Intercity wagons are already here, soon in service on Copenhagen-Hamburg trains

X2 trains from Malmö, were delayed and malfunctioned