Sunday, September 23, 2018

Krampen, Söderbärke, Sellnäs, Säter

After a weekend visiting both Vättern and Vänern lakes with surroundings, it's time to get back to Stockholm

 At Krampen, I'm making a stop to see some trains and a place called "Rysstenen"

 From Ekomuseum Bergslagen: "Krampen used to be one of the stations along the KURJ railway. The station is today demolished. it remains only one small building. During the Second World War, there was a large Russian camp here. Russian soldiers who had fled the war, were gathered here, in one of many places like it in the area of Bergslagen, well hidden in the wood."
 At the end of the war the Russian soldiers were sent back to Sovjet union, where they were treated as traitors and most probably ended up in Gulag camps. There were totally 2500 people that were sent back.
 This is how the station in Krampen looked like.
 A short car ride from the station, I'm on my way to another sight related to the Russian camp.
 Russian road and Russian stone says these two labels

 This place is called "Rysstenen"  which is a boulder where Russian soldiers inscribed "СССР 1944"

 Train 5864 Hallsberg-Gävle

 Rd2 1093

 Dagar station further north east

 Train 15715 Borlänge-Malmö

 Rc4 1307

 This is one of stations I've never visited before - Söderbärke
 The railway between Kolbäck and Ludvika is also named as "Bergslagspendeln", after the commuter service between Västerås and Ludvika.
 The station is today privately owned

 Waiting hall at the station is unfortunately closed due to damage
 Gräsberg station

 Train 8190 from Hallsberg to Borlänge
 X52 9017 Transitio

 Lake Rämen



 Sellnäs station now and how it looked before

 On the way back I'm passing by one of the buildings of the Säter mental hospital
 What is special here is that the building is completely abandoned
 This was the department 31 for females

 It is possible to get inside the building

 Lake Silvköparen and Dalabanan railway
 SJ Intercity from Stockholm to Falun near Broddbo

 Rc6 1416
 RB7 coach "Lek/Bistro"

I'm back in Stockholm