Saturday, July 16, 2022

Le Piagge, San Miniato-Fucecchio, Cavi

Day 9: From Florence to Genoa
Leaving Florence in the morning

Taking the Pisa–Florence railway "Ferrovia Leopolda" built in the 1840s 
ETR485 passing by Le Piagge station

Freight trains are also using this line
483 060, GTS Rail

189 936, Medway

FS Class D.445

San Miniato-Fucecchio

483 005, Medway

494 231, Medway
Traxx DC3 LM, manufactured in 2020

Changing trains at Livorno

The rest of the day will be spent at Cavi di Lavagna station
I have been before, and the combination of heavy rail traffic and nearby sea/beach is very pleasant
The railway is following the coast between Genoa and La Spezzia, the average maximum speed here is around 100km/h

Nearby bar is not allowed to be used as a waiting hall

I am having a cold beer while waiting for some cargo trains
DB Cargo Italia is using this line
483 101

ETR104, Alstom Coradia Stream

After spending more than 4 hours here, I can spot some more freight trains. Today is Saturday, maybe this explains the rare freight traffic today
483 320, Medway

Suddenly, there are 3 freight trains in a row coming from Genoa
494 005, Mercitalia

494 554, Locoitalia/DB Cargo Italia

There is a small DB logo to the right

483 314, Medway

Heading to Genoa
View from the train window, people are having dinner with sea view

Genova Brignole station


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