Friday, May 31, 2019

Gyttorp, Bredsjö, Loka, Svartsången

Today I'm visiting the old railway between Gyttorp and Bredjö which had both passenger and freight services until 1966. Later on I will visit Bergslagsbanan.
First stop is at Gyttorp
Gyttorp station is located at the NBJ railway between Nora and Strömtorp. This railway is still in place and it is used by the heritage trains in the summer.

Old rail cars

Remains from the Alfred Nobel's company Nitroglycerin AB in Gyttorp

I'm continuing my journey along the BDJ (Bredsjö-Degerfors Järnväg), now visiting Striberg station.

At Järnboås there is both the old station and the water tower

Grängen station

Former Hjulsjö station is now an antique shop

Hjulsjö church

Last stop for BDJ railway is Bredsjö where BJ (Bergslagernas Järnvägar) is also situated
Bredsjö station

Former locomotive depot


Hökhöjden, 289m above sea level has a great view over the area

Hällefors station
Rd2 1130 at Hällefors

Grythyttan station


I'm now heading to Svartsången where I will spot some trains
Loka station

Svartsången is the name of this lake

Former banvaktstuga (to the left) also named Svartsången

Gammalkroppa station


Train 73596 from Kristinehamn to Ludvika

TMY 101

EK160 Oslo-Dubai
Train 7005 Stockholm-Göteborg

Rc3 1057

Train 9070 Göteborg-Borlänge

Rc4 1200

Train 17017 Falun-Kristinehamn at Loka

X10 3201


Train 49329 Insjön-Göteborg Skandiahamnen
185 686 is a Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool, and it is hired to CFL Cargo