Thursday, December 30, 2021

Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, Frontignan, Coursan, Narbonne

I'm on my way from France to Spain, this time I'm going to spot some French freight trains

I'm following the line along the Meditteranean coast, this is the Tarascon-Sète line constructed in 1836
I'm at the station of Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, there are many trains here, both freight and passenger
SNCF Class BB 27000 "Prima"

SNCF Class BB 26000 "Sybics"

The next stop for me is Frontignan
The line is shared between both TER and TGV trains. The new LGV line between Montpellier and Perpignan is expected to open around 2030-2040 and will solve the congestion problems on this line
SNCF Class Z 27500, AGC
The line here is electrified with 1500 V DC, the oldest system in France. The electrification on this line started in 1943
Another "Sybics" here with bulk liquid containers from Barcelona

Most freight trains are operated by SNCF but not all, here is one operated by DB 
E 186 330 is a Traxx MS

"Sybics" with Intercités train Marseille-Bordeaux
SNCF Class BB 75000, diesel version of "Prima" locomotive

Another Class BB27000 "Prima"

SNCF Class Z 54900, "Régiolis"


Renfe Class 100 on the route Barcelona-Lyon

At Narbonne I'm changing trains
Ambrogio freight train from Italy to Spain
I always find food related to Sweden in France, not sure why. Here is a pasta salmon salad called Stockholm. 
Arriving at the station of Coursan
I can see Pyrenees from here

SNCF Class BB 7200

Vossloh Euro 4000 from Europorte

I had to spend a lot of time here, since the TER trains in France are not frequent outside the rush hours
On the other hand, it is warm (around 20C) and it is a nice train spotting place 

Not bad for the end of December

Finally, after 3 hours in Coursan I can continue my journey 
Before boarding my train to Spain, I'm visiting Narbonne

Sunset at Narbonne station

LKW Walter train at Narbonne station

Finally, I can continue to Spain

Spanish beer on board the Spanish train
Girona station