Monday, March 28, 2022

Steinen, Sisikon, Altdorf UR, Immensee, Oberrüti, Sins, Mühla

I'm in Switzerland, and today I will check out the Gotthard and Aargau Southern Railway
I'm starting at the station Zürich Manegg

My next train is taking me to Arth-Goldau
Really nice coffee machine on the train

At Arth-Goldau many passengers are changing trains


Giruno train is now the flagship of the Gotthard railway


193 520 "Diveria"

Rigi mountain peak

Stadler Flirt3 "Traverso" operates the InterRegio line from Zurich to Locarno
RBDe 560

Re620 029 "Interlaken"

193 475 "Domodossola"

Re620 064

On the night of August 16, 2015, the ETCS Level 2 train control system was put into operation on the 19-kilometer section between Brunnen and Erstfeld. The Castione–Arbedo–Bodio section followed on December 6, 2015, a month late. ETCS according to SRS 2.3.0d is used on the Gotthard railway – for the first time in Switzerland. [Wikipedia]

Sisikon is very small, it has a population of 369 

ETR 610 

Palms and snow at the same time
Lake Lucerne (German: Vierwaldstättersee) is the fourth largest in Switzerland

186 251, TX Logistik

484 009 and 484 020

Altdorf UR

The station here was completely reconstructed in 2021

No stop here for the long-distance trains, shortly after passing this station the Gotthard Basel tunnel is starting

Another ETR 610

484 006

A bit noisy here


Taking this train back to Arth-Goldau
This is an InterRegio train, and there is a vending machine service
It's even possible to purchase wine in the vending machine
Arth-Goldau again

From Immensee the Gotthard railway is continuing to Luzern and Rotkreuz. There are no passenger services between Immensee and Rotkreuz so I'll have to continue by bus.
Freight trains are using the line to Rotkreuz and further to Basel
193 257, TX Logistik

189 996

MaK/Vossloh G1700 BB, operated by Sersa

475 417, BLS Cargo

186 509, BLS Cargo

Another MaK 1700
Now, time to take the bus to Rotkreuz

The road is passing through cow fields
From Rotkreuz, I'm continuing by train to Oberrüti

Aargau southern railway is a continuation of the Gotthard railway to Brugg

193 520 "Diveria" is back from Basel

Paradise for cows

RABe 523

187 002 and 193 282, TX Logistik

"The future is on tracks"

476 452, railCare AG

Traxx AC1


186 104 and 193 283, TX Logistik

At Lenzburg, I can spot two railCare trains

476 457

476 453
Coop train, not only in Sweden