Friday, June 30, 2017

Stockholm to Abisko 1

During my holidays in July I will be travelling almost all month, both in Sweden and around Europe. My trip will include the "exotic" trains as Inlandsbanan, Berlin night express but also European train lines Transalpin, Eurostar among others. First I'll start with a trip to the north of Sweden.
I'm planning to take the Arctic Circle train to Abisko and then back with Inlandsbanan.
It's Friday the 30th of June, which means that vacation time is starting for many people, hence the train is sold out when I'm checking the SJ webpage, as most of the trains on the following days. I'm always buying tickets well in advance, so I have my compartment booked.
SJ Rc6E 1400 locomotive from 1986. It is equipped with ERTMS as it is necessary to use on Botniabanan railway.
The train has 11 coaches, 5 are continuing to Luleå while the other 6 are continuing to Narvik.
In a few days, the new Stockholm City station is opening, the old X10 commuter trains cannot use the new station, so they are being scrapped. Here we are passing by Tomteboda, where also Gröna tåget is parked.
Ra 994 "Rapid" locomotive from SKÅJ.
First stop at Arlanda
Sleeping coach has a shared shower.
Shower cabin

X11 Upptåget

Passing Gamla Uppsala, and the new railway tunnel.
A cabin for 2-3 people.
Couchette compartment for 6 people.

Train has also two sitting coaches
Hennan station at railway museum in Gävle. The station house was moved from a town north of Ljusdal here in 2006.
Green light from Gävle station

Former hotel Baltic

Hille kyrka
X55 meeting at Hamrångefjärden

Another train meeting
X52 9047 X-tåget
Ljusnan river
The old railway to Ljusne

People travelling with dogs can take a walk at the station

Tunnel at Hudiksvall

Gnarp kyrka


Time is 22:09 and the sun is still up
Svartvik and a passing cargo train

Draget fjärd near Sundsvall

Kubal aluminium plant
Sundsvall bridge opened in 2014
It's a longer stop at Sundsvall station. Here are some X62 and X55 parked
15 min stop from 22:19 to 22:34

Sundsvall Västra Station