Sunday, May 28, 2017

HNJ (Halmstad-Nässjö Järnvägar)

Today I'm travelling back to Stockholm, following the route from Halmstad along the railway which opened 1877 from Halmstad to Värnamo and in 1882 all the way to Nässjö.
 First I'm visiting Halmstad Norra Station, which lost its position as a station when Västkustbanan route was rebuilt. Today it is a kindergarten.

 Åled still has a platform, but there is no stop here
 First stop after Halmstad is Oskarström.

 Nearby hydro power plant at the river Nissan

 Station is closed, but it's possible to view the old ticket counter inside

 Not much left of Johansfors station


 Torups kyrka

 "SJ hpl" - must be an old sign
 Hyltebruk is located on a branch railway from Torup.

 One of largest in Sweden paper industry, Stora Enso Hylte AB.
 Landeryd - once a major railway junction between HNJ railway and Västra Centralbanan to Falköping. Today there is railway museum here.
 SJ V3 diesel locomotive
 Manufactured in Germany
 SJ B 1312 built in Motala 1916

 The station is located about 300m away

 Landeryd station

 Tågdagarna is an even arranged each year here by the railway museum. Perhaps I'll visit it.

 Skeppshult station is now a bus stop
 Skeppshult is famous for manufacturing of bicycles by Albert Samuelsson & Co.

 Once this railway was the largest private and had the highest standard, allowing speed of 110km/h during 1930's. Today it looks more like a heritage railway with old artefacts.
 Reftele wärdshus hotel

 There are 4 trains per day on this line. Here is an Y32 to Halmstad.

 Forsheda will be my last stop due to a heavy rain for the rest of the day.