Saturday, November 25, 2017

Stockaryd, Sävsjö

There are not many stations in Sweden starting with Stock, but today I will travel from Stockholm to Stockaryd.
 It's grey, cold and it's getting dark early. I have to schedule my trips to make the most out of the daylight. I will only have time to visit two places today, and it will be a short trip.
 Cityhall in Stockholm
 I'm taking X2 train from Stockholm to Nässjö
 Here in Nässjö, there are lots of trains in all possible directions. Y32 to Eksjö
 Nässjö railway museum and their Y1
 I'm taking Krösatågen service between Jönköping and Växjö.
 X14 3233
 Previously operated by Östgötatrafiken, picture of Norrköping is still on the wall.
 Ticket machine for prepaid cards
 I've arrived to Stockaryd. I was here once in 2015
 Stockaryd station is re-opened again since 2012
 Station master

 Today there is a cafe inside
 Stockaryd church
 X2 passing by
 I was expecting many trains here since it's a busy part of Södra Stambanan
 However, Krösatåg schedule has few departures from here, so I have to move on to next station
 X11 3187

 I've arrived to Sävjö

 Both Stockaryd and Sävsjö have beautiful station which are still in place
 Transdev "Snälltåget" train 13917 from Stockholm to Malmö

 Siemens Vectron AC, 193 255 leased from ELL
 Snälltåget is still using old Swedish BC2 coaches
 And old German but recently modernised Bmpz coaches

 Christian school
 Eksjöhovgård is since 1812 a ruins

 Train 27216

 Unimat 08-475/4S universal tamping machine with 3-rail lifting and 4-rail tamping
 Infra service group has been involved in rail replacement in the northern Sweden.

 Train 15234 from Malmö to Nässjö


 Krösatåg back to Nässjö
 A very delayed Hector Rail train 45718 from Germany to Katrineholm is driving by Krösatåg train
 It is a Traxx F140 AC2 241.004 "R2D2"

 X14 is faster than Traxx (160 vs 140 km/h)

 Arriving back to Nässjö

 RRS train 42039 is waiting for departure
 SJ 533
 RRS train has containers labeled "Skåne Norrland"
 Hector Rail is arriving to Nässjö

 My train back to Stockholm