Saturday, September 26, 2020

Värnamo, Diö, Killeberg, Hallsberg

Today I'm traveling to Kronoberg county.
I'm taking Snälltåget to Alvesta in the evening
Coop train at Mjölby
It's the end of September, but it is already dark when I arrive at Alvesta
Also, it is raining, so the feeling of autumn is complete.
As always, there are plenty of freight trains passing by here in the evening

First of the TX Logistics Coop train has arrived at Alvesta

Shortly after, the second train arrives

Delayed Hector Rail to Katrineholm

The next morning, there is full activity as well

Birds are still here

Green Cargo train to Eskilstuna

Hector Rail train from Falköping
241 003 "Organa"

Green Cargo train to Malmö
Rd2 1105 and 1130

CFL Cargo train from Göteborg to Karlshamn is taking another route today due to railway works at Västkustbanan
The train has just arrived from Göteborg by taking Kust till kust banan railway

The train has to change direction in order to continue to Karlshamn
After a longer break, SJ Regional train on the Kalmar-Göteborg route is back
I'm taking the train for a short visit to Värnamo

Värnamo station
Värnamo was once an important railway station connecting several railways, SSJ was one of them (Skåne Småland Järnväg). Unfortunately, it was decided to remove this railway

Diesel rail cars Y31 are still operating the line between Halmstad and Jönköping/Nässjö, but it is uncertain for how long
There are not many services on this line, so I'm taking the next train back from Värnamo to Alvesta
Some stops along the way, which are only operated by Krösatåg


There is much more train activity here at Southern main line
I'm taking Krösatåg from Alvesta to Diö
Some refreshements
Diö station
X11 3170
DB Cargo train from Rosersberg to Malmö
185 324

Green Cargo to Hallsberg

TMZ 1418 from Railcare

Train 5523 from Göteborg to Helsingborg is taking a real detour
Rc4 1313

"Gemla Fabrikers A-B" - old furniture factory

Former Diö station
Green Cargo train from Älsjö to Älmhult
Rc4 1170

Information about restricted travels to Denmark

My next stop is Killeberg

Tågab train 68862 from Trelleborg to Älvsjö
It is a special train transporting new subway trains for Stockholm metro

C30 is the new metro car for Stockholm
Bombardier Movia
They are being transported from the Hennigsdorf factory outside Berlin, by rail and ferry

Train 15613

Rc4 1264

Train 5164

Killeberg town

Train 40972
441 002 "Croft"

Train 4300
This train 4300 must be one of the longer train routes in Sweden, almost 1500km from Helsingborg to Skellefteå

DB Cargo train from Hallsberg to Trelleborg

Snack at a cafe in Älmhult

Alvesta once again
From Alvesta I'm taking a train to Hallsberg
Hallsberg next day

Green Cargo 45513

Tågab 48800 to Bålsta

Tågab to Stockholm