Monday, October 30, 2023

Pratteln, Salina Raurica

Once again I have a stopover in Switzerland, this time I'm on my way for a longer journey.
But first, I'll visit Pratteln. 
Changing trains in Olten
The autumn is coming later to Switzerland than to Sweden
Tram/train at Liestal
The tram is for Waldenburg
Last time I went to Switzerland I was visiting Stein-Säckingen at the Bözberg railway line. But if someone wants to spot even more trains, head to Pratteln station where there are two railways connecting on the route to Basel and to Germany.
484 003
The other railway is the Hauenstein railway to Olten and further to Lötschberg-Simplon
Traxx AC3 seems to be popular here in Switzerland, used only on domestic routes
187 005, from Railpool and BLS Cargo. 
Railpool has today over 30 units of Class 187 (Traxx AC3). 187 005 is available as a model train from A.C.M.E., in its original livery without BLS Cargo logotype.
Another domestic locomotive is Class 420

484 010, Traxx F140 MS 
Class 484 were originally intended for operations in Switzerland and Italy, but today only used for domestic services
465 008, BLS Cargo

185 588, RheinCargo

187 001-3, must have been the first locomotive in this series. What is "3" for at the end? It is a checksum with a bit of complex derivation, see more here 
This locomotive is from BLS Cargo

193 597 TXL

Not bad

As I mentioned earlier, Pratteln station is the best to spot basically all freight trains to/from Germany and Switzerland.
484 013, Traxx F140 MS

485 006, Traxx F140 AC1

620 030
475 902, WRS - Widmer Rail Services AG

189 993, ES 64 F4, TXL

187 005 is already back, this time on the BLS route

193 468 and 193 472

620 085

465 007

484 013, once again - this time at Salina Raurica

Late October
420 334
185 601, HSL

430 111, WRS Widmer Rail Services Personal AG

420 504 and 420 502


193 718

620 087
SBB has 80 type 620 locomotives today, I've learned that 17 of these will be sold to Sweden shortly. Leasing company Nordic Re-Finance is planning to purchase these for heavy transports in Sweden. The locomotives will be upgraded with the Swedish ATC system in order to be used in Sweden.

I've already spotted 187 005 and 187 001 today, here is 187 007, used by TXL

Fiat cars coming from Italy

Here is another one, 187 004

Time to go back to the airport
Tonight I will be taking a longer flight, this time from terminal E at Zurich Airport