Friday, July 15, 2022

Salorno/Salurn, Peri, Ala, Ostiglia

Day 8: From Bolzano to Florence
Bolzano in the morning

Since 2019, the premium Austrian train Railjet is operating a service between Vienna and Bolzano. Today there are two destinations in Italy served by Railjet: Venice and Bolzano. There were plans to exchange the current ÖBB/DB Eurocity Brenner fleet with Railjet, but so far it has not happened.

Freight trains are waiting for green signal in Bolzano
Lokomotion trains

There is a branch railway from Bolzano to Merano, the main line Brenner railway continues to Verona

This must be one of most scenic and accessible railways in Europe

Not many passengers on the morning train even though it's summer season

At Salorno/Salurn I will spot some trains from outside
043 003, Bombardier 112E or FS Class E.412
The locomotive has the designation EU43-003 which is coming from Poland. In mid-1996, Polish railways signed an order for eight dual-system electric locomotives. The first three locomotives manufactured in Italy were tested on the test track in Żmigród and on the German railway network. Lack of funds and failure to find a lessor resulted in the withdrawal of the order. In January 2001, they were sold by the manufacturer to the Italian private carrier Rail Traction Company (Wikipedia).
The label on the locomotive "140 I, 120 A" tells that it can be operated both in Italy and Austria, I have though never seen it myself in Austria.

Another locomotive from the early '00s is the Siemens Eurosprinter, here is 189 902, ES 64 F4

This locomotive have the original Rail Traction livery

Flirt train is used on this route

189 903


FS E.412 in Mercitalia livery

193 558 is returning to Germany



The railway is running in parallel with the highway A22, or E45 which is a 5190km long road between Alta in Norway and Gela in Italy

Both Serravalle and Borghetto are the station I wanted to visit, but unfortunately, these stations had very few trains that stopped there
Instead, I'm visiting the stations Peri and Ala, starting here with Peri


ETR575 is an unusual sight here, Italo is normally operating this route with ETR675
ETR575 can reach a speed of 360km/h, however, it is only permitted with maximum 180km/h at some parts of Brenner railway

ETR575 has 11 coaches, and there are 25 trains of this type operated by NTV/Italo

193 645, TX Logistik

Eurocity Brenner

193 647, 193 278, 193 556

"Every Connection makes Europe shine a little more these days"
"With the licence to Rail"
The third locomotive is just used for transportation

Taking the train to Ala
At Ala I can spot more trains

FS E.405 is similar to FS E.412, it has however only support for 3kV


Time for a snack
EU43-006 and EU43-008


189 902, 189 903

Continuing further south on the Verona-Bologna railway


483 040, Ft - Ferrotramviaria S.p.A.

The railway is much less crowded than the Brenner railway
Some Eurocity Brenner is continuing beyond Verona and Brenner railway, some all the way to Bologna and Rimini


At Bologna I'm changing to Frecciarossa to Florence
I can spot a Frecciarossa coming from Bardonecchia

Approaching Firenze, there are freight trains here too




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