Sunday, July 24, 2022

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Riera de Caldes, Gelida, Torredembarra, Cambrils

Days 14-16 are spent in Spain
So, where do the freight trains arriving from France go in Spain?
I'm now traveling on the Castellbisbal / El Papiol-Mollet railway, constructed in 1982
It is a 27,3km line bypassing central Barcelona, the freight trains to/from France are using the line
Renfe Class 252, is used on the line to Perpignan. 
The railway has 3 tracks, which makes it possible to use standard gauge trains
Out of total of 75 Class 252, 60 are made for Iberian gauge, while 15 are for standard gauge
252 027 and 252 024 here are the standard gauge

The station I'm located at is the Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Riera de Caldes. It was inaugurated 22nd of June 2022, one month ago this photo was taken

Besides the freight trains on this line, there is the Iberian gauge R7 Rodalies line

At Castellbisbal it is possible to change to R4 line

Gelida station is located on the Barcelona-Vilafranca-Tarragona line

The line is used by freight trains, let's see
Vossloh Euro 4000
335 010, Transfesa Rail S.A.

Three rails here as well
But the standard gauge is not in use

253 048

Spanish Traxx version

253 043

This is the last freight train I will see this weekend. For some reason there are no freight trains operating during Saturday and Sunday 


Els Monjos
High speed line is next to the conventional one


Class 448

Class 470

Class 252 with the Iberian gauge

Talgo train

Barcelona Franca station

More trains on Sunday, but no freight trains

PortAventura World near Tarragona
Cambrils Norte station opened in 2020
The station is located at the recently constructed part of Corredor Mediterráneo
The old line was closer to the coast in central part of Cambrils

The station here has four tracks, making it possible to overtake slower trains
Class 130 Euromed train from Alicante to Barcelona
This train will be changing to Standard gauge shortly before arriving at Camp de Tarragona station



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