Saturday, July 9, 2022

Odense, Middelfart, Vojens, Jübek, Schleswig

On day 2 of my summer trip (which will take 1 month) I heading from Denmark to Germany
The railway through Roskilde is being renovated, so all trains to/from Copenhagen have to take the new railway through Køge Nord

At Odense, I can spot a Green Cargo
185 406

Nordic Bulkers

Pas på!

185 404
The new tram line in Odense is already in service

More trainspotting at Middelfart

241 009 "Moneypenny"

185 336


241 010 "Yoda"

The unused IC2 trains are still in Tinglev, however they will soon be transported to Romania

Every time I'm taking trains from Sweden through Denmark to Germany it's a bit of a nightmare, this year it must be the worst so far. The direct trains to Hamburg are completely sold out for the rest of the summer, the only options is the train to Flensburg, but it looks like this
It's incredible that during all these years, the DSB company has not made any improvement in services to/from Germany. This is what happens when you have a monopoly and nobody cares about the customer experience.
After passing the border I'm visiting a couple of German stations

This is my first visit in Germany since the start of 9 EUR ticket, let's see how it goes
There are more passengers, I can see it already

Lint train on the way to Kiel
The sold-out train to Hamburg
Here in Germany, there is a wide range of train companies, most of them cooperating with DB
193 681 from Ceske Drahy and the Eurocity train from Prague on the way to Flensburg
Why this train can't continue to Copenhagen is a mystery for me, there's plenty of space here to accommodate all passengers who wish to travel with comfort from Sweden to Germany
There's even a restaurant wagon

At the end of this post, some photos from the evening in Flensburg


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