Monday, June 23, 2014


(Please note this post was re-written 2017-03-27). Following up my trip from the day before, I'm visiting today a place where I was passing by just recently by Tågab train - Laxå.
 On my way to Laxå, visiting a lake along the Värmlandsbanan.
 The first/last railway crossing of Värmlandsbanan near Laxå.

 Värmlandsbanan is a single track railway from Laxå until the border of Norway.
 At the beginning of this line the connection is from southwest (Göteborg) or northeast (Stockholm).
 Värmlandsbanan connecting to Västra stambanan. Hectorrail freight train is heading to Hallsberg.

 Blå tåget passing by Laxå

 SJ Intercity to Oslo is taking off to Värmlandsbanan

 Tåg i Bergslagen train approaching Laxå

 The train has arrived from Örebro, and it terminates here at Laxå
 X2 from Göteborg

 X2, a freight train and another Tåg i Bergslagen, this time heading for Karlstad.
 X2 has to stop to let the regional train turn off from Västra stambanan
 Another X2

 X2 and X40

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Göteborg to Degerfors (by Tågab)

(Please note this post was re-written 2017-03-27). After a short visit in Göteborg, it's time to take the train back to Degerfors. This time it will be a direct train service operated by private railway company Tågab. The company started 1994 as a pure freight railway company, but from 2009 it also has passenger services, like this one Göteborg-Karlstad (through Skövde). This line has never been operated before by direct trains.
Tågab is operating passenger services with old SJ coaches and locomotives. The main base for Tågab is Karlstad, today there are services from Karlstad to Göteborg, Falun and Stockholm.
  At Göteborg central station many different types of trains can be seen. Here is a Y31 Itino.
  X40 and X2
  X52 and X31
 X31 "Öresundståg"
Tågab is unlike SJ offering space for bicycles for 60SEK
 Rc2 (1052) from 1970 and B1 coach (4922) from 1963. It's a retro feeling taking Tågab.
  Tågab locomotive train is one of the rarities at this station.
  Inside the passenger car of second class.
 Tågab has no own sales channels, tickets can be bought through SJ.
 Combined 2nd and 1st class coach AB3, here is 1st class section
1st class section has two compartments.
Departing from Göteborg and passing near lake Aspen.

 Alingsås and X61

 To the right is the Älvsborgsbanan to Borås

Passing through the fields of Västra Götaland.

Västra stambanan (Western Main Line) was undergoing a major upgrade during 2014, replacing catenary overhead infrastructure.

Near Skövde, the view is all the way until Vättern lake.
 Skövde station

 Skövde is one of the main stops for X2 trains between Stockholm and Göteborg.

 Töreboda station
 X40 train (Stockholm-Göteborg) is approaching Töreboda
Töreboda is normally only operated by SJ Regional (X40 trains), so the stop with Tågab makes this station more attractive.

 Göta kanal

 It's getting dark, the rain is on its way.
 Bridge over E20 highway.

 Laxå station, is where Tågab line to Karlstad is turning left from Västra Stambanan.

 X2 passing Laxå without stopping

 Laxå - in the middle between Stockholm and Göteborg
 Västra Stambanan is to the right, we are now switching on the triangular junction for Värmlandsbanan. This side of the triangular junction was built 1866 at the same time as Värmlandsbanan.
 The track towards Stockholm was built 1962, thus bypassing Laxå station.


 Arriving at Degerfors station. The doors are opened and closed manually.
 But it's not a big problem, the train has only 3 coaches.  The train is moving on further to Karlstad.
 Some minutes later two other trains are stopping at Degerfors station. First Tågkompaniet to Karlstad.
Then SJ Intercity to Stockholm