Friday, May 12, 2023

Tortona, Pontecurone, Alessandria

I'm in Tortona and I will check out which route the trains from Genoa are taking
Tortona station is located at Alessandria-Piacenza and Tortona-Genoa railways
Here is one train, and it is coming from Genoa via the direct line (La ferrovia succursale dei Giovi)
191 014, DB Cargo Italia

Frecciabianca train on the way from Milan to Genova and further to Rome

483 020, Oceanogate

This train is also taking the direct line
494 239 is brand new

The train from Alessandria
652 108

189 916, Medway
From Alessandria, it is 483 019

189 916 has an impressive country package of almost all former Yugoslavia countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Serbia, and Makedonia. All except Montenegro and Kosovo (Recognised by 101 out of 193 member states of the United Nations).

The train goes to Alessandria
From Alessandria, it is 652 076

From the direct line, I can see Oceanogate
483 018

SBB train to Genova
At Pontecurone I can spot this 652 047 in the rain

Former Mercitalia Traxx, here is 483 317 from Akiem/Medway

652 082

More from Oceanogate

193 592

652 014

Surprise train, Orient Express

It is not cheap to take this train, the 1 night trip from Rome to Paris has cabins from £3,530 per passenger

191 009 and 191 033

After the rain comes the sun

483 059, GTS Rail

ALe 668

Old and new

494 551, DB Cargo Italia

652 134

483 051, GTS Rail

494 233

In Alessandria, it is raining again

Night train in Alessandria

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