Thursday, May 25, 2023

Domagović, Desinec, Hrvatski Leskovac, Zdenčina

I'm in Croatia, which is like Italy and Austria about 1h drive from Ljubljana. 
For some reason when visiting Serbia or Croatia, the older EMU cars are heavily painted with graffiti and no one seems to bother about that
HŽ class 6111 at Hrvatski Leskovac
The station guard did not like me taking photos, so I decided to go to a more remote place
Zagreb is not far from here
I'm at Zagreb-Rijeka railway, also called M202

Here is another 6111, also graffiti painted

Finally, I can spot my first freight train here in Croatia during this trip (I have visited Croatia back in July of 2019)
Traxx AC2 is not something you see in Slovenia, due to the lack of 3kV DC support 
This 185 684 is supporting countries: D, A, H, RS, and HR - all with either 15kV or 25kV  AC

Zagreb-Rijeka railway has the same strategic importance as the Ljubljana-Koper railway, both are connected with ports. However, this railway has only a single track, so there is a reduced capacity
1116 026 
1293 075

Crude oil wagons

The modern railcars have not yet suffered from graffiti
Class 6112

193 268, HŽ - Hrvatske Željeznice Cargo

193 762, HŽ Cargo d.o.o.

And now a locomotive with roots in Sweden
Class 1141 is a relative to Swedish Rb. Only 6 Rb locomotives were manufactured in Sweden compared to 366 Rc


"High speed train" from Split is passing by
Traxx AC3 is also present here
187 310

In Croatia, it is possible to see both the departing and the next arriving train

1141 221

185 684 is serving non-stop on this line

Zagreb is almost 3 times larger than Ljubljana

The city has a large tram network, which is a nice feature. Ljubljana has only busses


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