Thursday, May 11, 2023

Genova Acquasanta, Campo Ligure-Masone, Genova Cornigliano, Genoa, Rossiglione

In this post, I will show some photos from Genoa Cornigliano and Genoa Acquasanta station before heading further north to Tortona
Trolleybus in Genoa
The Port of Genoa is one of the most important seaports in Italy, in competition with the ports of Marseille and Barcelona in the Mediterranean Sea. With a trading volume of 51.6 million tonnes, it is the busiest port in Italy after the port of Trieste by cargo tonnage. (Wikipedia)
The Lighthouse of Genoa (Italian: Lanterna di Genova, or simply Lanterna), is the main lighthouse for the city's port. Besides being an important aid to night navigation in the vicinity, the tower serves as a symbol and a landmark for the City of Genoa. Built of masonry, at 76 m it is the world's fifth tallest lighthouse and the second tallest "traditional" one. (Wikipedia)

Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) is an international shipping line founded by Gianluigi Aponte in Italy in 1970, with headquarters in Switzerland since 1978. The privately held company is owned by the Aponte family. The company operates in all major ports of the world.
As of 2023, MSC operates 721 container vessels. (Wikipedia)

There are many train stations in Genoa forming a sort of S-Bahn line
Via di Francia station
I'm heading to Genoa Cornigliano station, located at the Genoa-Ventimiglia railway
Here is an Intercity train from Milan to Ventimiglia
I believe this station is the closest to the port where I can spot the freight trains, also this station is the closest to the airport of Genoa
So, here it is
The platform is really narrow, so it is a bit scary when trains are passing by
The main port is called Voltri Terminal Europa (VTE)
I have now Maersk on both sides
MSC-owned railway company Medway is on the way to the harbour
494 235

Medway is not only operating in Italy, it has also services in Spain, Portugal, and Belgium

483 022 and 483 021, SerFer - Servizi Ferroviari S.r.l. and AP - Autorità Portuale di Savona

I think today these locomotives are operated by Mercitalia

There are several steel works here, Acciaierie d'Italia and Arcelor Mittal, so the wagons must be used for that
Another Intercity

191 003, LocoItalia S.r.l.

Vossloh G2000 BB
Vossloh G1000 BB

Genova Samrpierdarena station

On the following day, I'm heading north from Genoa taking the line Asti-Genova. Guess who I meet at the Acquasanta station...
It's raining, and I think the cat is asking to let him/her inside, wherever it may be
Acquasanta station is located near Genoa, but the railway is already 213 m above sea level
The bell is ringing, and the train is on the way
Here is one

More trains at Acquasanta, here is one coming out of Galleria Cantalupo, 1073m long tunnel
483 012, Medway

Another train is coming, on the way to Genoa

Nostra Signora dell'Acquasanta

Mele station

Campo Ligure-Masone station. 
494 007 on the way to Genoa

The train is coming out of a 6648m long Galleria Turchino tunnel

Rossiglione station
483 019, Oceanogate

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