Sunday, May 7, 2023

Milan, Turin, Gallarate

Today I will take a train ride from Turin to Milan
I will take the train from Porta Susa station in Turin
The station is from 1868 but it was completely rebuilt between 2006-2013 in order to increase capacity and facilitate international trains to/from France
Freight train is passing by

After a relatively short ride, I'm at Rho Fiera station, and look what I can spot
It is FS Class 740 278 from 1922

The train is coming at full speed, leaving black smoke behind

Shortly after, a freight train is coming

494 020 

Rho Fiera station is a mixed conventional and high-speed rail station

I take a detour to Gallarate station to spot more freight
Busto Arsizio-Gallarate terminal is housing several train operators, Hupac is one of them
193 493 on the way to Switzerland

Italian company Fercam

Since 2019, there is a S50 service between Malpensa Aeroporto-Varese-Mendrisio-Lugano-Bellinzona
Gallarate is also an international station for the Eurocity trains between Italy and Switzerland, even though most of these trains do not stop here
A lonely class 652

Milan Porta Garibaldi station
There is a SNCF TGV inOui shop here,
Opening times
It is possible to walk between Garibaldi and Centrale stations in Milan

BAM Tree Library Milan

Milano Centrale
Having a drink and a snack

Back to Turin with Italo
Complementary drinks and snacks in 1st class

Back in Turin, Porta Susa station

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