Friday, May 26, 2023

Kustošija, Horvati, Zagreb Klara, Remetinec

More photos from Croatia and Zagreb
Since 1979 the freight trains in Zagreb are using Zagrebački Ranžirni kolodvor (freight rail yard) located in south part of town. At the time of construction it was the most modern in Southeast Europe.
I'm at Zagreb Klara station which is located at M502 Zagreb Glavni kolodvor–Sisak–Novska railway
Freight trains are passing by here in order to get to/from the freight rail yard

The station is not in use by passenger trains, so there is no platform here
Not sure how close I could get, I think this sign means that entrance is forbidden

Near Klara station is the Remetinec station located at the railway to Rijeka
Here, there is a platform

Restaurant wagon

Train coming from the freight rail yard

6193 101


Kustošija station in the western part of Zagreb
This is M101 railway to Ljubljana

Euronight train to Munich and Zurich is leaving Zagreb
Class 1142 is used for passenger trains since it has top speed of 160km/h, compared to 120km/h for Class 1141
1142 is only supporting 25kV AC, so it will be only used until the border with Slovenia

The view of my hotel

Book shop

Zagreb Glavni kolodvor
An 1890 act of the Royal Hungarian Government authorised the building of the main station and maintenance shop in Zagreb. Construction of the 186.5 m long neoclassical style station building began in 1891 and was overseen by Hungarian architect Ferenc Pfaff. Sculptural works were undertaken by the Hungarian sculptor Vilim Marschenko. The station opened on 1 July 1892. It is one of the largest public buildings built in 19th century Zagreb. (Wikipedia)

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