Saturday, May 20, 2023

Lesce Bled, Faak am See, Neuhaus an der Gail, Arnoldstein, Pontebba, Villach-Warmbad

So, today I heading to Austria
At Lesce Bled station I can spot some trains
The Tarvisio–Ljubljana Railway was opened in 1870 as part of the Austro-Hungarian Rudolfsbahn railway network. Today, only the Slovenian section between Jesenice and Ljubljana is still open to traffic, as part of the main line between Ljubljana and Villach in Austria; the cross-border section between Jesenice and Tarvisio has been closed to traffic since 1967 (Italian part) and 1969 (Slovenian part). (Wikipedia)

Lake Bled is one of Slovenias main tourist destinations
The railway here has a single track

Turkish goods heading to either Koper or Trieste

Also diesel locomotives are in use, this one was very noisy

After passing through Karawanken tunnel I'm in Austria
Faak am See station

193 285 and 193 765

EC 212 between Zagreb and Frankfurt has only 2 cars today

All 4 countries are served by this train
It's a bit crowded today

Switching from Rosen Valley railway to Rudolf railway
Neuhaus an der Gail

Traxx AC3 is used in Austria


The freight traffic between Austria and Italy is also frequent

This is what happened, I got on a highway and missed my turn, ended up in Italy, in Pontebba
Same train, with different locomotive

New trucks on the train

The last stop for today is at Villach-Warmbad
Here it is possible to spot trains from both Salzburg and Vienna, that are heading to either Jesenice or Tarvisio

Also, I had time to visit the warm bath facility

Back to Slovenia


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