Monday, May 8, 2023

Torreberetti, San Guiliano, Spinetta, Felizzano, Tronzano

More photos from the Piedmont region in Italy

Night train to Turin on the conventional line through Novara
Tronzano station

483 013, Captrain

Torreberetti station on the Novara-Alessandria line
ALn 668, diesel railcar from Fiat

More diesel trains
FS D.146 from Firema

The train is changing to the line to Pavia here

Not many trains on the line north of Alessandria
Much more train on the line Alessandria-Piacenza
At Spinetta station, I can spot this 193 592.
This locomotive is from 2022, and it belongs to OCG - Oceanogate Italia S.p.A.
This train is coming from the port of Genoa, taking the route through Acquasanta, Ovada, and Alessandria

On the same line is also the station San Guiliano

Captrain from unknown origin

I'm being watched 

I'm on my way to southwestern part of Piedmont, here is Felizzano station on the Turin-Genoa line

Brand new 494 560, CTI - Captrain Italia S.r.l.

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