Thursday, May 18, 2023

Stopover in FRA (Groß Gerau)

I'm on my way to Slovenia, but first I will do a layover (or a stopover) at Frankfurt airport. During the stopover, I can visit the nearby train station Groß Gerau
Arriving at Frankfurt airport. Here it is possible to spot large airplanes and more exotic airlines than in Stockholm Arlanda airport
Frankfurt airport is a busy and congested one, so it happens often than the plane is parked outside the terminal and the passengers are transferred by bus


To get to Groß Gerau, I have to take a train to Frankfurt am Main Stadion station and change trains there

After arriving at Groß Gerau Dornberg station, I take a walk to Groß Gerau station
Groß Gerau station is located at Rhine-Main railway which is a continuation of the Left/Right Rhine railway and is important for freight traffic
As soon as I arrive here, the first train is coming
It is 185 614, from Alpha trains and Crossrail AG

H.Essers from Belgium

More trains from Belgium
186 507, Railpool and Crossrail Benelux N.V.

A bit of everything here, LKW Walter, Transped, Arcese
HLB Bahn operates the line between Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg
The train is switching to the Frankfurt-Mannheim railway which is primarily used by high speed trains
Today it looks like many trains are diverted on this line, there is another train further away coming from Mannheim 
A second hand shop near the station

186 383, HSL

"European logistics together"

Former DB Class 151 from 1973
Today 162.008 "Damiel"

Ford cars

159 207

More spotters are joining today

Train coming from Mannheim

185 050

152 151

Nordic Bulkers
1116 252

1293 179

482 015 coming from Mannheim-Frankfurt railway

Traxx AC1 manufactured in 2003

From Belgium to Italy
186 211, Crossrail

GTS Logistics

482 028

482 030

482 027

ES 64 U2-005, IGE - Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr GmbH & Co. KG

152 122

1193 900, Weco Rail GmbH
New Vectron with country package: A, D, BG, RO

I'm walking back to the Dornberg station, the other station in Groß Gerau
Here, at the Frankfurt-Mannheim railway the ICE trains have the highest priority
Also, there is an S-Bahn line
Freight train from Mainz
187 137
Freight train from Frankfurt
185 192

Freight train from Mainz
193 341

Visiting Panorama Lounge in FRA before my next flight

Bus again
The smallest plane I've ever flown with, and very inconvenient.

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