Saturday, May 13, 2023

Canegrate, Vignale, Novara, Rho, Sesto Calende, Cressa-Fontaneto

I'm continuing my journey through Piedmont and also Lombardy
The railway from Novara to Domodossola is part of the Corridor 24 between Genoa and Rotterdam
The railway has a single track

This is the station Cressa-Fontaneto
Just as expected, the railway has some freight services between Switzerland and Novara
193 469 and 193 534

Red and blue SBB International Vectrons, the only difference is the support for the Netherlands on the blue one

At Sesto Calende two railways meet: Novara-Pino and Domodossola-Milano
The platform at Novara-Pino line, but there are no passenger trains here
Freight train from Luino/Pino is switching on the line to Gallarate/Milano

Canegrate station at Domodossola-Milano line
Eurocity trains to/from Domodossola/Brig

483 007 from Alpha Trains 

TGV on the line Paris-Milan

193 313 and 193 319

494 501



191 031, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

494 007

652 144 and 652 147

494 254, GTS Rail

The train is stopping here to get the green signal

MFD Rail

Vignale station
Train arriving from Domodossola
193 531

405 015

On the way to either Arona or Sesto Calende 
For a better view I'm heading a bit north of Vignale
Here I can spot both railways
Not only freight trains, today there is a frequent passenger service on both lines
Minuetto trains (Alstom Coradia Meridian)

475 408 with Ralpin train

193 476

Novara station in the evening

Eurovision finale is today

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