Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Thun, Mülenen, Kiesen, Rubigen

Today, I'm traveling from Austria to Switzerland
Waking up in Innsbruck

Breakfast is served
My train is delayed, the reason is said to be due to the delay in Germany which this train is traveling through.

Here it is Railjet Express to Zurich
Seat reservations are optional here, but I have reserved a seat anyway for 3EUR

In 1st class, there is at-seat service

For those who can't get enough of scenic views outside the window, there is an additional experience in the lavatory of the train

Arriving in Switzerland, at the border station - Buchs

The aftermath of recent floodings in Europe can be viewed here and there
Trying a cider from Austria
Zürich Hbf
Zürich Hbf has international trains from all neigbouring countries. Austria is represented by Railjet
EC250 Giruno

I'm on my way to Thun
After change of trains in Bern, I'm taking German ICE4 train to Thun
Thun station
Re 460
Manufactured by SLM and ABB
Thun is located at the important Lötschberg-Simplon line between Switzerland and Italy, so I will see a few freight trains on the way through this route
485 013 Traxx F140 AC1 from BLS Cargo

The locomotive seems to have got some problems and is waiting for help

Corona Drive in - a new sight in many towns today

After checking in my hotel, I'm back at the station 
485 013 got help from 485 017

Other photographers in town
Now, I'm on my way to Niesen - Swiss mountain peak at the altitude of 2362m
Arriving at Mülenen station

From Mülenen station there is a short walk to Niesenbahn station
Parking outside the station
Return ticket price is 59CHF or 29,5CHF with Interrail discount
The construction of the funicular was completed in 1910. Alongside the funicular is the longest stairway in the world, with 11,674 steps. It is only open to the public once a year for a stair run event (Wikipedia)
Journey time is about 15min

High flying birds

The weather is changing rapidly, I could not see much here today

After going back down, I can spot many freight trains
It's raining (as it always does in Switzerland when I'm here), but for this hobby, it makes no difference
193 715 and 475 421

BLS Mutz, Stadler Flirt

475 405
186 103
485 001

485 005

RALpin rolling highway train between Freiburg and Novara

BLS operates also these Re 425 from 1974

186 302 from Akiem and SBB Cargo International

There is a button to press to make the next scheduled train stop at this station

189 985 and 189 996

Time for a snack
The old type of BLS regional train

Re 420

BLS Mutz with SC Bern ice hockey team livery

At Kiesen station, I spot more trains
193 362

193 526 and 193 522

ICE4 train to Interlaken

I'm also visiting Rubigen station today

186 906
486 502

Re 620
Re 465 016 and 011

I'm back in Thun


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