Sunday, July 25, 2021

Holten, Arnhem Velperpoort, Amsterdam

I'm continuing my journey through Netherlands
At Almelo station, I'm seeing the same freight train once again

NS SNG - Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie is a CAF Civity train

Inside the Dutch version of CAF Civity

Arriving at Holten station

Netherlands - the land of bicycles

Holten station


Intercity Berlin-Amsterdam

193 791 from RTB Cargo

Waiting hall at Deventer station

Deventer station

I'm now continuing to Arnhem. My destination is Amsterdam, but due to railway works I have to take a small detour
Passing over IJssel river

Short stop at Dieren station

Arriving to the city of Arnhem
Arnhem Velperpoort is located near central Arnhem but gives better overview
All trains are taking the same route
ICE train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt

The train is slowing down before Arnhem Centraal

Regional train Arnhem-Düsseldorf
The city of Arnhem has trolleybusses

NS VIRM train

1570 830 or just 1830 is a Class 1800 
This locomotive is from Rail Force One

Another freight train from Poland
189 209 from RRF - Rotterdam Rail Feeding B.V.

From Poland to the Netherlands in 24 hours!

Arnhem central station
Intercity train to Amsterdam

Arriving at Amsterdam Centraal

I will only spend 1-2 hours here before taking the night train 

Visiting 3D printed bridge, which happened to be located in red light district

The new thing from this year is that the Interrail pass is now digital as a QR code on mobile phones. Unfortunately I had several issues with the pass, as it could just disappear when I had to show it to the conductor. It was very annoying, but later on, the issue was resolved.
In the Netherlands (just as in many other countries nowadays), it should work to open the gate with the QR code. Unfortunately, when I put my phone close to the gate it opened my Apple wallet with my credit card instead, so the solution was to hold the phone a bit away from the scanner.
And now, the new night train from Amsterdam to Austria. The train has become much popular with sold-out tickets on many departures

The train is combined of two trains, one with destination Vienna, the other one is for Innsbruck

193 766 is a Vectron MS from ELL and rented to NS, the locomotive can be used both in Netherlands and Germany

I was lucky to book this private compartment just for myself
There is both a toilet and shower inside the compartment
A key is available, but there is not much use of it as there is no restaurant car in the train

It is possible to buy drinks and food that can be brought to the compartment, but I had bought the food at the station in advance

Already in Germany


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