Wednesday, July 28, 2021

St Louis la Chaussee, Istein, Bad Bellingen

I'm on my way from Thun (Switzerland) to Karlsruhe (Germany)
The morning is grey and foggy when I'm on my way to Basel

Basel SBB has international trains to both Germany and France. French traffic is however much limited to few TER trains to Mulhouse, and more frequent TER trains to Strasbourg (through Mulhouse).
My initial plan was to go through France all the way to Karlsruhe, but due to much-limited traffic, just some trains in the morning and afternoon I had to abandon this plan and go through Germany instead
But, I'm visiting at least one station in France - St Louis la Chaussee. Here is SNCF Class Z 27500 as TER to Mulhouse (stopping at all stations along the line)
The line is the important Strasbourg-Basel line, but it seems to have just a few TER and TGV trains

Crocodile - French train protection system
TER Strasbourg-Basel
It would be possible to take this train to Strasbourg, but it does not stop at small stations (which I prefer to visit), so that's why I go through Germany
SNCF Class BB 26000, Alsthom Sybics

The entrance to the station from the street

It is very clear that the regional trains are not much prioritized way of transportation in France, maybe that's the reason to not very frequent services
This is the main entrance to the station
Also, they are delayed here in France...

TER train at Basel SBB

From Basel, I'm taking the German train up to Karlsruhe, on my way I'm making many stops
I have no exact plan, so I'm improvising (which is possible with Interrail). 
The most important is that the stations are small so I don't need to run between different platform when I see a train I want to photograph
This is the Rhine Valley line, located on the east coast of the Rhine river. The French Basel-Strasbourg line is located on the west coast, and what a difference. Here there are all kinds of trains operating with a high frequency.
242 517 "Fitzgerald" is a Siemens EU 64 U2 "Taurus" locomotive
Hector Rail is a Swedish rail company, but it has operations in Germany as well

Planes landing at nearby Euroairport near Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

186 449 from Raipool and Lineas

Since 2020, the Rhinetal line is operated with these new Siemens Mireo EMU's

While Mireo is a single deck EMU, Desiro HC is a double-deck EMU also deployed on this line

189 107 from MRCE dispolok and SBB Cargo International

193 712 from MRCE and BLS Cargo

383 011 from ČD Cargo

Next stop - Bad Bellingen

475 414 from BLS Cargo

482 016

185 116

186 424 from Railpool and Lineas


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