Thursday, July 8, 2021

Halden, Kornsjø, Surte, Kållered, Lödöse Södra

Today I'm traveling along the Østfoldbanen until the border, then all the way to Göteborg
The Østfold Line is a 170-kilometer railway line that runs from Oslo through the western parts of Follo and Østfold to Kornsjø in Norway. It continues through Sweden as the Norway/Vänern Line. The line opened as the Smaalenene Line (Smaalenenebanen) on 2 January 1879. Stations were designed by Peter Andreas Blix. It was the first railway in Norway to predominantly build bridges and viaducts with iron. (Wikipedia)
Råde station

BM73 at Rygge station



Halden station

Inside the station - there is a cafe

BM70 trains are still used on this line

Fredrisksten fortresses was constructed by Denmark-Norway in the 17th century as a replacement for the border fortress at Bohus, which had been lost when the province of Bohuslän was ceded to Sweden by the terms of the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658. The fortress was named after King Fredrik III of Denmark and Norway, and the town of Halden was also originally named after him, having been known as Fredrikshald between 1665 and 1928. (Wikipedia)

Swedish forces unsuccessfully attempted to invade the town six times between 1658 and 1814. As a reference to the town's citizens burning their own houses to prevent them from being taken on 4 July 1716 by the forces of King Charles XII of Sweden, Halden is one of only two cities in Norway's national anthem. In 1718, the Great Northern War ended when Charles XII was shot and killed at the Fredriksten fortress. Halden has never been captured by force by any invading army, although it was occupied by Nazi forces in WWII. (Wikipedia)

I'm now on my way to Kornsjø, here is Aspedammen station
Actually there are no stations operated by trains between Halden and Ed. Here in Norway however, most of the old station building are still in place

Bridge over Ørelva

Prestebakke kirke

Prestebakke station

Border station - Kornsjø

The border to Sweden is wide open
To Norway as well, even though this border crossing is announced as closed on the Norwegian official authority web page
The bridge to Sweden
I'm in Sweden now, near Göteborg. The traffic here is much more busy than in Norway
Bohus station with X52E and X61

GC 6593 to Sävenäs

GC 9010 to Karlstad

Göta älv is nearby

X74 at Surte station


GC 5753 to Sävenäs

GC 6561 to Sävenäs

GC 5551 

Today I'm staying in Mölndal, just outside Göteborg

The new hotel has a nice view
Nearby there is the station of Kållered
GC 5298

GC 5511 to Malmö

I'm on my way to Lödöse, to spot the CN train from Norway. Yesterday, I saw it in Sarpsborg, but now it more dark, so I hope I'll see something

At Nol station, I can spot Flixtrain, rerouted through Trollhättan due to railway works

Here it is, CN 41971 to Trelleborg


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