Saturday, July 24, 2021

Dedensen/Gümmer, Lindhorst, Kirchhorsten, Minden, Osnabrück

From Hannover, I'm continuing my journey to Osnabrück
Changing trains in Hannover
I'm taking S-Bahn train from Hannover to Dedensen/Gümmer station

The railway here has four tracks, and the platform in the middle
Trains are traveling both to/from the Rhein-Ruhr region and from Bremen
186 537 Traxx MS from Railpool/Metrans

147 561 Traxx AC3 
193 862
Flixtrain is expanding its network in Germany
DB 101

193 374, Vectron MS

187 009 Traxx AC3 from Railpool and SETG - Salzburger Eisenbahn TransportLogistik GmbH

192 102, Smartron from EGP - Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH

186 425 Traxx MS, from Railpool/RTB CARGO GmbH

146 224 with RE1 to Norddeich Mole

185 697 from Railpool/TXL

185 377

I'm changing location to Lindhorst station
132 004 Ludmilla, from LEG - Leipziger Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH

185 315

386 015 Traxx F140 MS, from Metrans, is a Czech version of Class 186
Metrans operates freight services mostly between Czechia and Germany
This locomotive is equipped for operations in Czechia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary

Stadler Kiss from WestfalenBahn


152 100, ES 64 F

Next stop - Kirchhorsten
Some issues on the tracks as I could spot rail workers

189 098, ES 64 F4

185 180 with some military freight

I'm on my way to Minden

Siemens Desiro HC

Shortly I will be taking this Intercity train to Osnabrück

I'm taking a short walk in Osnabrück

Dinner with beer and currywurst

Osnabrück station

I'm taking a last trip today to Lemförde station

Not much train activity here other than Intercity trains to/from Hamburg

Last stop for today - the hotel in Osnabrück

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