Monday, July 26, 2021

Brennero/Brenner, Campo di Trens-Freienfeld, Chiusa-Klausen

I'm continuing my journey through Brenner pass
Austrian S-Bahn train arrives at the northbound platform
Further south, an Italian regional train is waiting - this station is almost a perfect example of cross border train connection. For those who wish to use the same train in both countries, there is Eurocity Brenner - but it has an expensive supplement fee for Interrail travelers - 15EUR in 1st class.
Due to differences in electrical systems (15kV AC at 16.7 Hz in Austria, and 3kV DC in Italy), it is often required to change electric locomotives, however, nowadays there are multisystem locomotives used as well

ETR 170, Stadler Flirt
Meanwhile, I've arrived at Campo di Trens station, or Freienfeld in German. The station is from 1867

Brenner line is an important freight link between south and north Europe, so I'm expecting to see some freight trains here

193 305 and 193 702 from DB Cargo and Mercitalia Rail

EC 87 Munich-Venice
1216 032

Regionale Veloce train to Brenner
Italian regional train from Trentino region

No delays, what a surprise...

Taking the next train to another station
Not much people in the train

Arriving to Chiusa-Klausen station

Säben Abbey

Time for lunch, there is small shop next to the station selling sandwiches and drinks
I can see the next freight train
193 559 and 193 551 from Alpha Trains and TX Logistik
TX Logistik is a Germany-based company founded in 1999, now wholly owned by the Mercitalia Group, a subsidiary of Ferrovie delle Stato Italiane. The company has as well operations in Sweden outside Germany
"Zwei pole mit enormer zugkraft"

I recognize these wagons, they might have come from Scandinavia, just like me

At the station, the interior is almost the same as it has been for many years
Free face masks
Station library

Information board, unfortunately only in Italian and German
FS Class E.412 or Bombardier 112E is an Italian locomotive built for freight transports on the Brenner line
EU43 007 and 006 from Rail Traction Company

Local cat

Trains, cats and scenic views - can it be better...
EC 86 Venezia-München
1216 012

EC 89 München-Bologna

I'm on way back to Innsbruck, again stopping at Campo di Trens
186 282 is a Traxx F140 MS from Rail Cargo Carrier - Italy S.r.l.

193 343 and 193 319

EU43 006 and 007 on the way back

I'm back at Brennero-Brenner, waiting for the Austrian S-Bahn train

Today I'm staying in a very nice hotel, with a great view of the Alps and Innsbruck
Sauna with a view

I have so far managed to cross borders 6 times without showing my Corona pass, but now when I decided to drink a beer, I had to fill in a document with all my personal details and show the vaccination pass. We are living indeed in strange times...

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