Thursday, July 15, 2021

Poland - part 3

Today I'm traveling to Gdansk airport by train, with a stop on my way
I'm traveling from Laskowice Pomorskie station

186 247


Stadler Flirt as Intercity train
Onboard the train, I'm having lunch with delicious pierogi
At Tczew station I'm changing to a local train (not this one though)
ED250 Alstom Pendolino trains operate the line between Warszawa and Gdansk

Local train 
Różyny - not far from Gdansk
Newag Dragon

The Warsaw–Gdańsk railway is a Polish 323-kilometer long railway line, that connects Warsaw with Iława, Malbork, Tczew, Gdańsk, and further along the coast to Gdynia. Between 2006 and 2014 the line was completely modernized and made suitable for passenger trains to travel at 200 km/h (160 km/h for trains without ETCS) and 120 km/h for freight trains with an axle load of 22.5 tonnes. Before modernization speed on the line was between 80 and 120 km/h. (Wikipedia)


EN90, Newag Impuls

TLK train - a cheaper version of Intercity, without air condition


170 041, Vectron

Gdańsk Port Lotniczy station

Many vodka brands in airport duty free shop

Lotos is here too


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