Friday, July 23, 2021

Sweden to Germany with Snälltåget

I'm in Malmö, today I will take the new night train service from Sweden to Germany. From now on the train is taking the route through Denmark, so no ferries are included here. 
The train has couchette cars and one seating car. It is possible to book the whole compartment, but it is expensive, the full price is 4999SEK one way. With Interrail there is a discount on the ticket price, then it's 2299SEK. The price for a seat is 549SEK or 199SEK with Interrail.

The couchette cars are usually attached to the afternoon train from Stockholm to Malmö, so it is possible to travel from Stockholm to Berlin all the way without changing trains. Today however, the night train is departing from Malmö only, and it is an early departure due to railway works in Denmark. For the service until border with Germany, Hector Rail Traxx locomotive is used. Here is 241 007

I have my own private compartment, with a discounted price thanks to Interrail
The train will make one stop in Denmark - Høje Taastrup outside Copenhagen

Time to leave Sweden
Östervärn station

The train is taking Kontinentalbanan until Svågertorp

Shortly after departure from Malmö, I'm on the bridge

The border between Sweden and Denmark is located somewhere in the middle of the bridge

The good thing is that it is possible to open the windows. But it is a bit noisy
The view from the island of Peberholm

Traveling in the Drogdentunnel
The train is taking the bypass freight route through the airport
Kastrup airport

Each couchette has 6 beds, there are toilets and washing rooms in the car, but there is no shower. Also, it is possible to purchase snacks and drinks in the train
There are no power sockets, but there are USB connections
The compartment can be locked from the inside

Short stop at Høje Taastrup


Freight train at Borup station

The new Ringsted-Køge line is equipped with ERTMS

Approaching Great Belt bridge

The railway is placed in the tunnel while the cars are taking the bridge until Sprogø island
The impressive Great Belt bridge seen from the west side

At Nyborg station, the train is making an hour long extra stop to let DSB trains pass

It's the European year of Rail this year

I had a chat with the train driver who works for Hector Rail, normally this locomotive is used for Samskip cargo trains


Little Belt bridge

Passing through Kolding. It's 10PM - time to go to bed


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