Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Öxnered, Sarpsborg, Fredrikstad

Since my recent trip to Norway was successful, I've decided to have another trip to Norway, this time to Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad
First, I'm on my way to see Granen Fredrik 
Viggen plane near Grästorp
Here it is. Back in 2014 I was visiting this place which I've covered in this blog.
Back then it took some time for me to find the tree
Now, 7 years later, the tree has been growing up

Nearby there is a railway bridge, Velandabron constructed in 2012


GC 5550 to Grums

CN 41951 to Göteborg Skandiahamnen

Grunnebo, near Öxnered
HR 46480 to Uddevalla
243 112 "Gölsdorf"

Monument near Grunnebo hed

Now, I'm on my way to Norway, this time taking E6 road
Uddevalla bridge

At the border, all cars have to go through the checkpoint controlling the Covid certificates
If you are vaccinated, like I am, you get this paper which you have to return at the other checkpoint, just 1 min away. Then you are allowed to enter the country
Two El16 parked at Sarpsborg

BM73 is used on the line between Oslo and Halden. Before Corona, some services continued to Göteborg, but not now.

Grenland Rail 8953 to Halden

Rc3 1057 and 1058 from BRLL

Ma 406 and 404

Fredrikstad station


Visiting Gamlebyen in heavy rain

The old town of Fredrikstad was founded in 1567 and is the best-preserved fortress town in Northern Europe.

Chickens on the street

On my way back to Sarpsborg

El14, Built between 1968 and 1973 by Thun. Of the 31 units, 11 remain in service. El14 is based on the Swiss Ae 6/6 and NSB El 13

CN 41971 to Trelleborg

Taking a walk around Sarpsborg

Relaxing bear

Super expensive beer in Norway (like everything else too), 200NOK - about 20 EUR 

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