Saturday, July 10, 2021

Hässleholm, Lammhult, Tenhult

Today is a rainy day, and I'm visiting Hässleholm station
The view from my hotel room
X61 and X31

DBCS 33584 to Rosersberg (outside Stockholm)
185 402 on the way from Germany

GC 45517 to Malmö

Rc4 1290 with orange livery (the only one)

GC 5162 to Hallsberg

GC 4156 to Sävenäs

GC 5523 to Helsingborg

CFL Cargo 94147 to Karlshamn

Rc4 1140 with new livery of Nordic Re-Finance AB and CFL Cargo

GC 5232 to Älmhult

Snälltåget 3940 to Stockholm

Railcare 27210 to Kornsjø


GC 5613 

HR 41111 to Gamlarp

Back to Stockholm by car

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