Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Stresa, Bern, Rubigen, Kiesen, Mülenen

Today, it's time to leave Italy for this time
Stresa in the morning
BLS Cargo train on the way to Switzerland

Stresa station

494 579 

Eurocity trains

Not far from Stresa is Bern, where I have arrived with an Eurocity train

On the next day, I'm near Bern, on the Lötschberg railway

Here, one can find many international trains, like this one from Italy
Or this one from Germany
RAlpin, rolling highway

Re 465 013 with wagons from Italy

The Alps are really close here

Still some snow cover

The sun is coming out, and here is Re 430 350

Changing trains at Thun, here is an IC train to Domodossola

At Mülenen, I'm even closer to the Alps
193 368 from Italy to Germany

GTS train with 465 012 and 193 497

Retro locomotive

485 015 with Gas wagons

11350 is back with wagons from Italy

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