Monday, July 17, 2023

Venice, Rimini Miramare

After a night on a train, I'm arriving in Venice
It is very convenient to arrive in Venice by train, especially in the morning by night train saving a hotel night
ÖBB trains in Venice, nightjet and railjet
Staying in Venice for half day, then heading to Rimini
It is hot in Venice today

80 EUR for a 30 min gondola ride 

By motor boat a bit cheaper, but it takes less time too

Heavy boat traffic 

And now, time for the next train
It is ETR700, aka AnsaldoBreda V250 to Lecce

Arriving at Rimini, a freight train is passing by
View from the hotel in Rimini

Paradise for sun lovers
This place is a little bit too much
Rimini Miramare station

Things has changed since I visited this place few years ago, there is now a trolleybus service along the railway line

494 572, Captrain

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