Thursday, July 20, 2023

Cavi, Portofino, Lavagna

Nice to leave the hotel in the morning and see the trains immediately
Today I'll spend the day in the Lavagna and Portofino area on the Ligurian sea coast
In the morning, freight trains are frequent. The line is otherwise busy during the day with passenger trains
191 036, CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

MRCE Vectron
Trailer wagons with Multilog Logistica Integrata and Lannutti


The sea is just a few steps from the station

Portofino can be seen from Cavi, I'll be visiting the place later today
494 021, Mercitalia Rail

Roof without roof

Today, I have a car, so I can climb all the way up to Parrocchia Santa Giulia
I can see Sestri Levante
And Cavi down below
And here is the church

The car is a classic Fiat cabriolet, even though it is difficult to use in 40 C

The beach and the railway

And now that I have a car, I'm visiting Portofino
Portofino is a famous place among rich and famous

There is some sort of face/car control of who can enter the place by car. Fiat was not approved through this control, so the rest of the way had to be done by foot

Along the way, there are nice and cozy beaches

This is the pedestrian road to Portofino
Exotic insects

What can I say, it is cozy and looks like a nice Italian movie

Big and small boats side by side

Enough of Portofino, I'm back in Cavi
494 557 with Ermewa boiler train
Brand new Traxx DC3. The Bombardier label is removed and replaced with Alstom

483 103

483 053


652 123

SITFA car transport with Fiat and Lancia cars

Nightjet from La Spezia to Munich and Vienna

Medway same time today as well


Intercity Notte from Turin to Reggio di Calabria

Later in the evening, the freight trains are dominating on the line

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