Friday, July 14, 2023

Cascina, Livorno, Torre del Lago, Pisa S. Rossore

Traveling through Italy from Lazio to Tuscany

652 115

Livorno Centrale
494 007

652 163

494 560, Captrain

652 079 at Viareggio

652 114 at Torre del Lago

652 027


Arno river

Camaiore Lido Capezzano
494 013

494 577, Captrain

Today is a railway strike, not many trains here at Livorno Centrale
Few trains are still running
Here is one
And here is my train
494 033

Livorno Centrale opened in 1910, replacing the terminus station San Marco which I will visit shorly

Former Grand Hotel Corallo

Parco delle Terme

Stabilimento Termale Acque della Salute, once a noble spa in Livorno
Art noveau

Terrazza Mascagni

Livorno is sometimes reminding of Venice

Former terminus station San Marco

Who can that be...


494 554 at Pisa S. Rossore

494 212 at Torre del Lago

483 059

191 033

494 552

Time to say goodbye to Italy, but not for so long


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