Thursday, July 27, 2023

Eggerberg, Reichenbach im Kandertal, Mülenen, Thun, Kiesen

Visiting BLS railway 

The old railway is used by local BLS and some freight trains
At Eggerberg station, the view is breathtaking
First I was thinking of walking down to the Visp station and going back to Mülenen, but it would take too much time
So I'm taking the BLS train back
At Reichenbach im Kandertal it is sunny and freight trains are coming and going

Not sure exactly which peaks I can see here, but it could be the ones reaching 3000m above sea level and more

193 526

185 096 and 185 095
The Swiss version of Traxx AC1 has two pantographs instead of the usual one


Kander river
Taking a short walk to Mülenen station
193 472 with Coop wagons

475 415 and 475 406

465 006 and 485 019

Mountain railway to Niesen 
Old fashioned regional train

A bunch of locomotives on the way to Brig and/or Domodossola
465 015, 485 018, 485 020, 465 013

475 417 and 485 013

On my way back to Brig

465 017 and 485 001

CargoBeamer wagons and Amazon trailers


193 490 and 474 016

485 017

View from the railway bridge in Bern

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