Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Samoggia, Castelfranco Emilia, Anzola Emilia

Today I'm visiting Samoggia station, located on the Milano-Bologna railway
I was here in November last year, and it was heavy rain that day. Today it's about 40 C - don't know what is better. I have prepared for this day with plenty of water, and hiding in shadow which is available here
Next to the conventional line is the high-speed railway
Nearby there is also Bologna airport, so I have many moving objects to watch

It's interesting that the high-speed trains are using both lines
When using the conventional line, the high-speed train can make stops in central locations along the line
Intercity train

Finally, a freight train is coming
494 541, DP - Dinazzano Po S.p.A.
Dinazzano Po is an Italian public railway company (owned by Tper), active in the traction of freight trains and in carrying out maneuvers on railway lines and plants located mainly in Emilia-Romagna. DP was taken over by TPER in 2014.

And of course, another train is passing by at the same time as there is a passenger train covering the view

SBB Eurocity on the way to Bologna
Giruno train can be used in Italy, but not on high speed lines

494 025 on the way south with LKW Walter trailers

SAS plane on the way to Bologna
652 017

652 144

Regional train from TPER

Also, typical - two freight trains coming at the same time

483 032, FAS - Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana S.r.l.

Here they meet
483 001, Oceanogate Italia S.p.A.
483 001 has had green Angel Trains livery before, which can be seen here

Here is my shadow
652 155
494 554, DB Cargo Italia

494 033

Even Emirates is flying to Bologna

652 076
Brand new agriculture vehicles
652 115
Freight trains on this line are going non-stop
191 102 and 191 103, InRail

Gas boiler wagons

And if not one InRail train was enough, here is another one
191 101

Veronesi Silo wagons
I think that I've seen all companies today, but here is one more - GTS Rail

483 060

484 901 at Castelfranco Emilia

ETR500 approaching from both directions

Anzola Emilia
652 117

Modern freight trains are so silent, I can hardly hear them until they are already near

494 506, Captrain

At Bologna Centrale, I'm changing trains. As usual, the famous Italian delays are present

My Italian pasta moment at Bologna central bistro
Time to go back to Rimini

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