Saturday, July 8, 2023

Virsbo, Vadstena, Skänninge, Katrineholm

This time I'm in Sweden
Waiting for a freight train at Virsbo station

It is Tågab 47652 to Katrineholm

Rush Rail wagons
BLS Rail at Skövde

Hector Rail at Skövde

An animal at the former Svartåbanan railway
Vadstena in the summer

Even though Vadstena has no railway (except for the heritage one), it is a town worth visiting. Also it is not far from Skänninge station
Lake Vättern

TXL 44203 at Skänninge
This locomotive has been leased to HSL Logistik until 2020, and until 2012 by Petterson Rail AB
185 687, today it is used by TX Logistik

The new platform at Mjölby station

Tågab 47022

GC 55615

RRS 42021 to Helsingborg

185 416, Sandahls/Real Rail


Time for refreshments

TXL 44172 to Eskilstuna
185 674, TX Logistik

There has been a logo here once

185 417

Italian wagons, maybe I will see them soon in Italy
As a bonus: some summer photos from Stockholm


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