Friday, July 28, 2023

Olten, Arth-Goldau, Steinen, Sisikon, Altdorf UR

Today I'm heading to Gotthard route
At Olten I can already spot some freight trains
Re 420
On the way to Solothurn

Re 430 114 from WRS Widmer Rail Services AG

One hour later roughly I'm at Arth Goldau
Giruno train on the way to Lugano and Italy

Freight trains on the Gotthard route are using Vectron and Traxx locomotives
193 596, TX Logistik

193 496, SBB Cargo

Moving on to Steinen station
Heavier trains use double traction

DB Cargo with double Traxx AC1

Gotthard panorama express
Domestic Traxx 484 008

The trains or the railways are so quiet that you hardly hear the train until it's already close

193 493, Hupac

It's incredible how that many slow freight trains can fit in the 57 km-long tunnel together with high-speed passenger trains

Re 620 028
Re 620 071
Rare bird nowadays here

Lonely ChemOil
Die Post

Re 620 071 is already back

Some trainspotting at Sisikon
Vectron #500

189 101, TX Logistik

Vierwaldstättersee or just Lake Lucerne
More TX Logistik

193 256, TX Logistik

Another rare bird, must be some kind of testing

Enough trains for now, let's have a walk

Climbing up just a little bit and the view is completely different than from the station

Trains and boats almost in one shot

Altdorf UR
Coop train

Ambrogio train

TX Logistik with TransItalia intermodal

The future is on tracks

Just before entering/exiting the Gotthard base tunnel


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