Wednesday, July 19, 2023

From Rimini to Cavi

Today is basically a travel day across Italy from east to west coast
In the morning at Rimini Miramare station

This summer, due to railworks on the conventional line to Rome, the Nightjet is rerouted to Ancona instead

Nightjet can now be used both to La Spezia and Ancona as final destinations, with many stops along the way

ETR500 at Rimini Centrale

Riminit is also a summer destination for Eurocity 84, instead of Bologna

In almost 8 hours this train will arrive in Munich
A freight train is passing by

Finally, I'm on my way with Frecciarossa
Freight trains are slowing down for fast passenger trains
After delays and changed plans, I finally arrived in Cavi - my favorite train spot place
In the evening all freight trains start to use the line
Here is a Medway train from Genoa southbound

And today I'm having a view from the hotel right over the railway

Even though it's not a sandy beach, this place is nicer than Rimini

Oceanogate on the way to Genoa

Not so many restaurants and grocery shops here, but the Sexy shop is open 24h

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