Monday, July 20, 2020

S. Margherita L. Portofino, Camogli, Lavagna

The night train trip from Hamburg to Zurich went fine, and when I wake up I'm close to Swetzerland.

Breakfast is served
Double deck Schlafwagen is used on the route Hamburg-Zurich.
I need to catch an early train from Zurich to Milano, so I'm not continuing with the night train all the way to Zurich, instead, I will switch trains here at Basel station.

An intercity train to Zurich will be a much faster choice. As I am using Interrail, it does not cost anything extra to take this train instead.

SBB RABe 502, Bombardier Twindexx

From Zurich, I was supposed to take a comfortable Eurocity train directly to Milano. Instead, I had to take 3 different trains where the first one was a simple S-Bahn train to Zug.

At Zug station, the passengers had to switch to another train

It was unclear why this train could not have been traveling all the way from Zurich, most probably it was late from Italy, and the Swiss railway company had to make this solution.

Later on at Lugano station, the passengers had to change trains again, this time to an identical one. The only difference between the trains was that the one from Zug to Lugano was numbered 503 021 (2nd series and owned by SBB), while the train from Lugano to Milano was numbered 610 010 (1st series).

While changing trains in Lugano, I could spot new Giruno train 

Trenord is operating regional trains to Lugano
The restaurant car was closed on this train

New Rock train

Arriving at Milano Centrale

Changing trains here, my next train is Frecciarossa AV8633
ETR400 - Frecciarossa 1000

Trenitalia was using chessboard seating, i.e. a free seat in the front and on the side. 
No restaurant or food onboard this train too, but a complimentary drink and a snack were included in 1st class.
The weather is sunny in all Italy
I'm now traveling to the coast of the Ligurian sea
Freight train to Genoa

Arriving at Santa Margherita Ligure

It's important to follow the instructions on where to entrance and exit the train

No restrictions here at the beach
I'm now taking a Regional train to the next town

My next stop is at Lavagna

FS Class E.464


FS Class E.414

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