Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kiruna, Kalixfors, Jukkasjärvi

Today I'm returning back to Stockholm from the north. I will be taking the night train once again. 

My breakfast at Vassijaure station
Train 14006 on the way to Narvik

Rc4 1154 and 1195
This train is named "Nordic Rail Express"


Train 9910

IORE locomotives were manufactured by Bombardier

At Kiruna, there is heavy rain
New city centre in Kiruna is taking its shape

Kaunis Rail train to Svappavaara


Two bridges in Kalixfors
The old railway bridge is now used for cars

Kiruna freight rail yard

Jukkasjärvi church

I'm visiting a Sámi camp

For a fee, it is possible to enter the reindeer place

It is also possible to eat a reindeer burger or a vegan alternative which I choose

SJ Intercity back to Boden

The smallest train station in Sweden - Sjisjka

The highest point of the railway, 552m above sea level

Cargonet train

A train accident in June caused the closure of the railway for weeks. The freight wagons are still on the ground

Night train arriving from Luleå

Following morning, I'm changing trains at Arlanda station

The price to get to the airport is 120SEK, but it is possible to go up and down without paying

Still some planes departing despite the Covid

SJ Regional at Helenelund station

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